Company collection Tichelaar

The Company Collection Tichelaar tiles (BCT) contains:
1. approx. 1,700 pieces of decorative pottery from 1880 to 1960 (object numbers BCT 0001-1700).
2. approx. 15 pieces of sanitary ware (BCT 1718-1727)
3. 34 pots with paints prepared and about 25 pieces of equipment (BCT 1728-1743)
4. about 180 pieces of decorative pottery from 1960 to 1990 (BCT 1750-1926).
5. about 3,000 tiles from 1880 to 1980

Sections 1-4 of the collection were numbered consecutively BCT 1-1926 and inventoried in 2007/2008 by Dr P. J. Tichelaar, former director of Royal Tichelaar. The OKS was allowed access to digitally photograph the objects, so that the images, with the corresponding description, could be added to the database of the OKS collection.

Partly because of the size chosen for identifying the tiles for a different method of identification. The three thousand tiles are ordered broadly chronologically and then photographed in 5x5 tiles fields. In addition to the front of the tiles, sometimes also the back was photographed, if it contains important information. The tiles thereby retained their place in the field by turning them piece by piece. 

The inventory and short introductions to the elements of this tile collection are also by Mr Tichelaar.

The OKS Collection

Our collection consists of approximately 30,000 cultural heritage objects which are loaned to 34 institutions.


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