Collection searching aid

The OKS database is mainly in the Dutch language. Therefore, names of materials and descriptions of the individual items are almost exclusively in Dutch.

Search the collection 

You can search the collection using the search bar at the top of the screen. Use a word or phrase and click the search button to the right of the search bar. You are then browsing the entire database and searching for whole words or compound words, for example, the search term indi finds descriptions containing the words India, indian and Indian

Results are displayed on a summary screen. When there are more results than can be displayed on a single screen, you can browse multiple page. The search terms are shown in the left column. You can refine your search by clicking on one or more fields in the left column. All terms remain in effect until you remove a filter with the cross to the left of the term. Via the link beneath each category you can get a comprehensive view of eg. materials. In this separate list you can check one or more search terms to narrow down the search results.

Detailed information

Click on the title of an article (or the image) to see full details. You can see details by zooming in on the image(s). Then click on the magnifying glass right under the photo. Through the symbols to the right of a description you can share items on social media, print (PDF or to your printer) or email. 

Advanced search 

Searches in specific fields or with a combination of search terms are possible through advanced search. You can enter search terms per field, for example, to see all silver objects from the 17th century from Sneek. Having completed all terms in the search form, click on the blue "Search" button at the bottom. Remember when searching, previously set filters remain in effect. Should you not find any results, make sure it is not limited by a filter term in the left column and click the X to remove the filter. 

Your account

When you create an account on the website, you can save favourites, collect objects through selections (eg in separate folders) and see your search history. 

Inventory cards 

For a part of the collection the original inventory cards of the museums have been scanned. If you are interested in seeing these, please submit a request through the contact form to be allowed access to one or more of these cards.

The OKS Collection

Our collection consists of approximately 30,000 cultural heritage objects which are loaned to 34 institutions.


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